We affirm and encourage other ministries that operate differently than we do; but we believe that TTI is called to operate by the following distinctives:

Forgotten Pastor Focus – We focus mostly on teaching pastors who cannot receive training anywhere else.  We aspire to teach the forgotten pastors who serve in the hidden corners of the world.  So we often go to locations where biblical/theological teaching has never been offered before.


Biblical Content – We emphasize teaching the biblical text and the theology that comes from the text.  We sometimes hear from students that missionaries have occasionally come to them but, “Nobody does what you do – actually teach the Bible.”  Most don’t teach at all, but those who do, just teach evangelism, basic discipleship, church management, or preach their old sermons.


On-Sight Method – We teach on sight where our students live and minister.  Our students tell us they benefit from this face-to-face, personal contact compared to on-line or other electronic methods of teaching.  As a supplement we occasionally teach over skype as a last resort.


Individual Scholarship – Each TTI teacher emphasizes his own research and teaches his own courses.  We benefit from other scholars’ work, although we believe there is extra value to personal preparation compared to courses prepared by someone else.


Ministry Flexibility – Being small gives us flexibility that larger ministries may not have. As the Lord leads us, we can make decisions, adjust plans, and add new teaching locations very quickly.

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