Our Response

Dear Friends & Supports,

In the midst of his own hardship the Apostle Paul reminds the Philippians, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Phil. 4:6).  Paul was facing far worse conditions than a virus – imprisonment and possible execution; and a few years later he was executed for his faith in Christ.

Today some people are reacting in extremes to the current virus threat, some denying it as a hoax, others thinking the end of the world has come. Neither extreme is accurate or wise.  It’s neither a hoax nor the end of the world.

So, what is TTI doing in response to the current situation. Similar to other international ministries, we will evaluate each scheduled trip, and make a decision to suspend it (or not) based on the best medical update a few weeks in advance of the trip.  Gathering for our classes would expose our students and ourselves, and we could potentially risk getting stuck somewhere if an airline ban was imposed while we were in a foreign country.  So, at present we have postponed our upcoming trips to South East Asia, and to Costa Rica.  But TTI ministry continues in the following ways:

– Our partners are teaching on the radio across southeast Africa from Tanzania, and into Honduras and Nicaragua & across the Caribbean from two places in Nicaragua.

– We are preparing and sending courses for our international partners to teach on the radio and in person.

– We are working to offer courses via distance methods like internet and correspondence

– We continue to prepare our own courses for our future trips when travel resumes.

Thank you for your prayers for us, our partners & students, and everyone who might be affected by the virus.

How You Can Help

Corona Virus Relief Fund

TTI is excited to announce that we are setting up a special Virus-Relief Fund for some of our global partners and students. As serious as the Covid-19 virus has struck America, the situation in some parts of the world is far worse, especially in the very poor areas where we usually teach.

We have heard from some of our people that their already impoverished economies are now so devastated that they are “near starvation.” In many cases virus related lockdowns keep day laborers from working, and in their already impoverished state they don’t have recourse to personal savings or government aid.

So, in obedience to Jesus’ and James’ teaching, TTI has created a $10,000 matching grant to help relieve this situation. All the funds will be going to pastors who will use the funds to purchase needed food and medical supplies and distribute them to the most needy in their communities along with the message of hope in Christ. We believe this effort will have the opportunity to both exhibit the love of Christ and advance the gospel in the places that need it most.


If you would like to give toward this effort, separate from your normal TTI giving, please visit our donation page or send your gift to:


Teaching Truth International

P.O. Box 22331

Robbinsdale MN 55422

Please mark your gift for “Virus-Relief Fund”. All gifts are tax deductible, and every penny will be sent to the field.